About R & D Reps, Inc.

                  R & D Reps, Inc., is located in Port Richey,

Florida, approximately 45 minutes north west of

Tampa.  We provide everything from minor

repairs to complex machine design and

manufacturing. Our company works closely with our

customers to develop creative and effective solutions

 for their needs. We have been supplying services

and equipment to the automotive and

manufacturing sectors world wide for over 20 years. 

Since 1992, we have provided hundreds of 

companies with custom machinery and prompt 


 Meet The R and D in R & D.

          Rob and Doug are the Co-Founders of R & D Reps, Inc. They've been working in the industrial engineering/automotive industry as colleagues since 1980! In 1992, they teamed up and incorporated R & D Reps. Rob and Doug have been working together ever since. 

           When we started, we represented many Italian companies in the electric, motor, and alternator industry. 

      R & D Reps, Inc. has completed thousands of customized projects for small and large business.


   Our company is also a proud provider for services to the United States of America and its Armed Forces!!


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